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Your art is so cute :3 I've opted to get all three endings but I can't seem to get the bad end. I tried all possible choices but it didn't work, so uh, help maybe?

Thank you! :D here is the walkthrough

Hello, sorry for the late reply. I already tried all the choices in the walkthrough for the bad end but it still didn't lead me there. I wonder why xD

Hi, I just checked the game, there seems to be a mistake in the point system. I have fixed and uploaded the new version, thanks for the feedback <3

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Hello, thank you, and you're welcome :3 I'll go try the game again.

Hey, I played your game a bit - didn't get to the end but I really loved it! I would like to publish your game on Steam, would you be interested? You wouldn't need to do anything at all - you would just get money :)

Thank you for the offer but no, sorry :)